Sunday, June 26, 2011

Right now, at this moment I don't know where my priorities lie.
My friends...I hardly see them anymore, all of them are busy with exams, I won't turn to them for my troubles
my family, Jun is going through exams, apparently she's really busy so i won't bother her...and my parents don't really give the advice I want to hear

Who I turn to? usually people come to me for guidance and advice...where do I go to?
life is a roller-coaster with some pretty harsh steep drops, leaving your stomach and heart feeling queezy.

Lately I've been turning to exercise as my guiding light, I get to push my physical side to it's limits and enjoy the feeling of once again waking up before 7am and going for a jog or hitting up the gym. It leaves my body feeling numb and sore, after a cold shower I feel regenerated and I sit down to some light reading or some soft-phone gaming...nowadays console/PC heavy games just aren't fun anymore.

I turn to my electric blanket too! it's very warm and it keeps me sane.

Thinking about moving, after all this study. I'll move far away where I can just enjoy the wildlife somewhere, maybe get a dog, pull out a girl from this continuous raffle game.

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