Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comfort Food :]

Time is now...1.15am-ish,

woke up dreaming of my lost car once again...went to the DPHonda seller today and ordered my new red Jazz 2012 model, so excited, but at the same time worried that Jun won't appreciate the car, and scratch it, crash it, pretty much just not care about it. I keep trying to lecture her about taking care of it but she never listens anymore! I miss when she was young and stupid and listened to everything I said without the bitch-back. haha...

Anyway, back to comfort foods :]

Roti Telor and Subway past midnight tastes 500X better than pre-midnight...

As Jun says, and I quote : "Shit tastes better after midnight."

Peace out yo!


Take a break, weary traveler.