Sunday, June 26, 2011

Right now, at this moment I don't know where my priorities lie.
My friends...I hardly see them anymore, all of them are busy with exams, I won't turn to them for my troubles
my family, Jun is going through exams, apparently she's really busy so i won't bother her...and my parents don't really give the advice I want to hear

Who I turn to? usually people come to me for guidance and advice...where do I go to?
life is a roller-coaster with some pretty harsh steep drops, leaving your stomach and heart feeling queezy.

Lately I've been turning to exercise as my guiding light, I get to push my physical side to it's limits and enjoy the feeling of once again waking up before 7am and going for a jog or hitting up the gym. It leaves my body feeling numb and sore, after a cold shower I feel regenerated and I sit down to some light reading or some soft-phone gaming...nowadays console/PC heavy games just aren't fun anymore.

I turn to my electric blanket too! it's very warm and it keeps me sane.

Thinking about moving, after all this study. I'll move far away where I can just enjoy the wildlife somewhere, maybe get a dog, pull out a girl from this continuous raffle game.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good things come in a deluxe bundle

So much fun stuff to do on my new darling nexus S :)

My new Jazz came in two days ago, I think I'm impressing someone up there with my exam results, all good things are happening at once xD

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exams 2011 Midyear

Exams begin I scared or worried?


hahaha...It's very important to come into exams feeling confident and not missing feeling any anxiety blues've studied to your maximum potential and as a result, you will get a grading that reflects on the amount of work that you have put in.

So don't feel bad that exams are so close! just do as much as you can, go over your notes, past exam papers and lectures! :) and you'll be fine. Take short breaks without facebook, just walk around and stretch, give someone a phonecall and chat for abit, read some comics, laugh! :D

I'll be partying hard after the 22nd. Just watch me on the dance floor LOL! :}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

feet warmers from mum!! :)

Mummy came back from work, she always brings back cheap sale stuff from morning glory ahhah...
Today, she bought Jun and I feet warmers =P mine was a blue Garfield one and Jun's was a pink Minnie Mouse

sho''''''' cool :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bubble Tea, bad for health?

The delicious drink that all we asians/non-asian like so much because of it's fluid/chewy texture...but is this beverage causing cancer and other health problems? As written in one article sent to me by my worried papa XD

"Bubble tea brings a lot of sweet excitement to our taste buds but it is also very harmful to health. 
Milk essence is the main ingredient in bubble tea. Ten cups of fresh milk cannot match the taste of a teaspoon of milk essence. 
The main ingredient of milk essence is hygrogenated vegetable oil, a type of transfat.
Experts says that a glass of 500ml of bubble tea a day far exceed the allowable limit of transfat for any person.
It will lead to heart and blood vessel diseases.
Milk essence gives the bubble tea the fragrance and make it tasty. The fragrance and tastiness derived from a type of chemical. 
This chemical has trace of arsenic, lead, copper and many harmful minerals.
Long term consumption can lead to heart and blood vessel disease, cancer, asthma and other health complications. 
Consuming the black bubbles pearls is equivalent to consuming plastic. Normally these bubbles were made from
casava (tapioca) powder. This alone does not give the rubbery texture. To make it more rubbery, millet protein is added.
Some “black hearted” businessmen felt that this is still not rubbery enough. so, an artificial plastic powder is added.
This type of artificial plastic material will never be digested and absorbed into the body. It will remain in the body and cause havoc to our health. 
You can imagine what will happen to your health after prolonged consumption of transfat and plastic!!!!

Thoughts, peoples?

I for one don't really mind, i'm happy to give up a yummy drink if I don't get cancer hahaha :)

But apart from this article, I can't find any other scientific papers talking about the damage BBT does to our bodies/minds...It seems a little far-fetched for someone to just come up with a paper like this without a scientific analysis with facts.

Tofu :]

Pocky :]

pocky...I love you :]

Saturday, June 11, 2011


and at a bad time too,

I should really remove the stupid bejeweled from the bottom of my blog
it's hurting my late night study session >_<"

Comfort Food :]

Time is now...1.15am-ish,

woke up dreaming of my lost car once again...went to the DPHonda seller today and ordered my new red Jazz 2012 model, so excited, but at the same time worried that Jun won't appreciate the car, and scratch it, crash it, pretty much just not care about it. I keep trying to lecture her about taking care of it but she never listens anymore! I miss when she was young and stupid and listened to everything I said without the bitch-back. haha...

Anyway, back to comfort foods :]

Roti Telor and Subway past midnight tastes 500X better than pre-midnight...

As Jun says, and I quote : "Shit tastes better after midnight."

Peace out yo!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I can do better

Strive to be the best.

HAHAHAHA time is now 12.05, I've just told you to leave me alone...

=] seeyah around, dude.

Take a break, weary traveler.