Monday, May 9, 2011

sushi-train and late night study

I've got a bad habit of leaving notes on my blog ffr,
and then when I come back to them, I totally forget =_="
lol! I've got to up my game in this blogging business, since I don't YouTube much anymore, my kiddies have been asking what I've been up I guess this will be my standard way of communications! :]

Sushi-train huh, can't really remember much of this day, but I did leave these notes!

-Asahi (okay, I remember this, It's my favorite beer. 
Now lately I've cut down heaps on the amount I drink, i'll only drink
 If I have trusted friends around to get me home, and won't take too much.
 The Bacchus incident wasn't a fun thing to wake up to!

-kariage ship (vegetarian tempura sushi! couldn't
find proper pics of it, so that tempura picture will have to do)

-corn salad ship (one of my favourite sushis, sugoku oishi ne!^^)
Now, i always buy random foods at Woolworth before coming into uni,
It's just easier to study with some kind of snack! today I bought a 5 buck jar of
Natural Confectionery (3 packs included!) 

-never get any work done. (ah, the important bit is...after filling myself up with sweets/snacks, I get tired and sleepy. Most of my studying prowess gets cut up around about this stage.

I shall continue to fix up and finish my *bump* blog entries XD

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