Monday, May 2, 2011

back to the blog.

 Will it last? I have no clue. I've always been a guy who can't keep on doing something repetitively without getting bored. My big brother can LDR easily, my sister can 8am lecture almost everyday, but there's nothing that I can do 100% without faltering. Maybe a malfunction in my system?

Life should be played without a walk-through, without an instructions manual, without a recipe.
Things come and go, so this blog is really nothing but something to keep my interests piqued and also for my friend's to know what's been going on around lately with the zhenster.

But you know, life's full of random twists and who know's whether or not I'll be able to keep this blog trimmed prim and proper? I could get some kinda brain aneurysm and never be able to write again! but at least this will be open for me to reflect on. The future is a path wrought with thorns and dead-ends, you've got to hack down those brambles and break down the walls to carve your own path, the path which you tread so casually everyday without realizing how little time you have on this earth.
Anyway, enough deep stuff...
Planning to make a new video soon, 
It's been far too long and I've got some cool ideas hahaha :]

Got 6 month gym membership at uniSA gym, 
going to try and get myself a sishpack^^ I'm gym-ing with Hoa, Thong and Peter...
i'm sure i'll soon get back into it and start benching alongside them!

Watching "Your Beautiful" over again,
but this time looking at clothing styles/hair styles alittle more in detail, 
going to try and pick up some tips, feel like a bit of a makeover!

Birthday is coming up
Feeling kinda old
but it's all good, I'm not losing my edge yet :D

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